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  • Salvia Divinorum
    The Salvia Shop carries only the finest Organic Salvia Divinorum extracts, leaves and live plants from 5X to 50X. Buy Savlia online today.
  •  Dry Salvia Leaf
    Quality Salvia products for sale. 100% natural Salvia leaf for smoking, chewing and tinctures. Visit our shop today for the finest Salvia Divinorum products.
  •  Salvia Extracts
    Buy 100% Organic Salvia Divinorum Extract. Choose from a wide variety of Salvia extracts including 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 35x and 50x.
  •  Live Salvia Plants
    Quality live Salvia Divinorum plants for sale. Most plants are cut to order and are shipped within 2-3 days. Learn to grow Salvia in your own garden.
  • More Products
    Browse for more legal herb products at the Salvia Shop.
  •  Kratom
    Buy 100% organic Thai and Bali Kratom. Premium Kratom powders, extracts and capsules for sale online.
  •  Kava Kava
    Buy Kava extracts made from premium Hawaiian Kava plants. Premium Kava Kava for sale online at the Salvia Shop.
  •  Blue Lotus
    Buy 100% organic Blue Lotus and other legal herbs at the Salvia Shop today.
  •  Kanna
    Buy Premium Kanna. We carry pharmaceutical powder and a coarse grind. Elevate your attitude and decrease anxiety with Kanna.
  •  Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
    Buy Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (Argyreia Nervosa). This is top quality genuine HBWS. Experience it's unique hallucinogenic effects.
  •  Amanita Muscaria
    Buy 100% organic Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) mushrooms. Only the finest Washington & Eastern European Grade A mushrooms online.
  •  Damiana Leaf
    Buy 100% Organic Damiana the ultimate aphrodisiac to boost sexual stimulation and natural energy.
  •  Dream Herb
    Buy 100% Organic Calea Zacatechichi. This is the popular Dream Herb used for heightened dream states and spontaneous awakenings.
  •  Detox Products
    Discount Detox Products for sale at the Salvia Shop. Browse our wide selection of legal herbs and detox products today.
  • Growing Salvia
    Visit the Salvia Shop instructional pages to learn how to grow Salvia Divinorum.
  • Salvia Plant Care
    Salvia divinorum plant care. Visit the Salvia Shop for detailed plant care and growing instructions.
  • Miley Cyrus Salvia Video
    Here's the Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia video everyone's been talking about. Watch the video and buy some Organic Saliva for the shop.
  • Salvia Experiences
    Learn about Salvia Divinorum Experiences. How to prepare, what to expect and how to enjoy Salvia. Written accounts and Salvia videos.
  • Salvia Legality
    Discover the legal status of Salvia Divinorum within the US and the rest of the World. Learn where it is legal to sell and consume.
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