Dream HerbDream Herb (Calea Zacatechichi)

Calea Zacatechichi has been used to induce more vivid dreams for centuries.The Chontal Indians of Mexico use Dream Herb in teas or in rolled cigarettes to get divinatory messages during their dreams.

The herb has been scientifically proven to increase superficial stages during sleep, hypnogogic images and spontaneous awakenings. During some controlled studies, Calea Zacatechichi has shown to increase the frequency of dreams and sensory perceptions. Many users report feelings of well-being on awakening which can last up to two days. Others report being able to sleep more easily, falling into a deeper sleep where dreams are more vivid and memorable.

Our Calea is organically grown in Mexico and is of exceptional quality. Pick up an ounce of Dream Herb today for only $9.99. You can also get 4 and 16 ounce quantities for discounted pricing.

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