Growing Salvia Divinorum from Seeds

Growing Salvia from seeds can be difficult. Most plants don't produce seeds and of the few that do, many are not viable. Once you produce or purchase the seeds, keep them sealed and refrigerated until you are ready to plant them.

When ready, the seeds should be planted in a good potting mix close to the surface. Roughly 2-3 mm deep. To keep the seeds in place, lightly mist the surface of the soil frequently. You want the soil to remain moist, not soaked. The seeds should begin to sprout in two to four weeks. Savlia divinorum plants are delicate when first starting out, so be patient and keep the soil moist. They will eventually grow faster and stronger. You can add a light fertilizer mix to the soil once the plant has reached a height of 2 inches.

Growing Salvia from Cuttings

Salvia divinorum is much easier to grow from cuttings. On the mother plant, locate a node where new shoots will grow. The cuttings should be removed right underneath the node with sharp shears. The cuttings root best when they are between three to eight inches long.

Separate each cutting into its own glass of water. Keeping them apart cuts down on contamination due to rotting. Place them in an area with diffused light and maintain about 2 inches of water in each glass. Roots should begin forming in about two weeks. Some will grow faster than others.

When the cuttings have roots between 1 - 2 cm, you can begin planting them in pots with loose, moist soil. Leave them in doors for a few weeks so that they can establish a healthy root system. They must remain moist. If you can't cover them up with a large glass jar or a plastic bag, you'll need to mist them on a daily basis. Once the cuttings are about a month old, you can begin fertilizing them. Start with a light mixture and gradually begin introducing a full mixture to the plants. Be careful to not over feed them. A nitrogen based fertilizer will help the Salvia grow faster and larger. Potassium is also good to use to promote root growth during transplanting stages.

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