Salvia Divinorum Experiences

This experience was using Salvia 10X. I immediately felt a bit dizzy (within seconds) then moved into this locked feeling as if I belonged to the room. My sense of self was completed changed—I was no longer the me that I normally think I am—I felt as if I was the room, the chair, the wall… The angles of the room became extremely three dimensional. The depth of the angles felt like my reality. I felt their depth—I became their depth. During the peak, me was completely removed from and only when the trip started to fade did the concept of me come back.
- Kieron (2009)

I took a large hit from a bong and held it in until my vision started to vibrate. As I exhaled, I watched the smoke exit my mouth and it looked like the whole world collapsed in with the smoke. I was left in complete darkness. There was nothing around me and I could not figure out where I was or what was going on. I felt trapped. Then I thought my consciousness had been switched with a part of my face. It is hard to remember exactly but I felt as if I would never be able to think again with my consciousness not where it was supposed to be. I felt a heaviness on my left side as if something invisible was pulling me down. Similar to being stuck in black taffy. When I started fighting it, I would turn and catch a glimpse of my friends car. Then I would be back in the taffy and back to the car. I started to come to and realized I was riding in a car with my friend.
- Billy (2009)

I started by stretching and meditating to get into a positive, enlightening mood. I had been really curious about Salvia for a long time so I wanted to do it properly. I had 13X and took two medium-sized hits. I felt like I was on nitrous oxide and figured I still had time to pack another bowl and take two more hits. After lighting up the Salvia, the orange glow of the bowl was brilliant like nothing I had ever seen before. Things started to shift and time seemed to stop, or was no longer relevant. I saw two sets like looking at a split screen. I was in both sets. In one I was pixelated as if I was breaking apart into pieces. I was blending into the background. All of my senses started to combine into one feeling and I sunk into the bed. I became the wooden frame. At some point, I looked up when regaining some sort of consciousness and I saw beautiful fractals. Then I looked down and beneath me was a swirling void of blackness that had a strange silvery glow to it. It was pulsating and there was a deep wooshing sound. Pillars of blackness shot up into the fractals above me. I was closed in by the pillars, hearing a loud stretching/squeaking noise. I started to come back but still felt like I was part of a rolodex where I was flipping through different parts of my life. The feeling of being born was there. Then I remember a bright light that I started to move towards and I had a sense that there was a being near me in the light. He said come here… come here with a big arm waving gesture and disappeared into one of the fractals. I left the trip with a pop like someone smacked me and it was gone. Words can not really describe the feelings associated with it. It was amazing.
- colleen (2004)

I had a bag of Salvia Divinorum leaves, which I smoked in a bowl. I held 4 hits in for about 20 seconds each. After the second hit, I felt a wave of energy that hit me. It was really powerful and not quite what I had expected. I felt in control to the extent that I allowed myself to let go of control. I started to walk around the room, laid back down in bed and shut out the lights. I did a series of chakra meditations from the root to the crown. I breathed in through each one and exhaled through each one. I then experienced what I refer to as the wobbly spirit. My body was vibrating very powerfully. It was a full body experience. It was like energy was moving throughout my body. Even though we have seven chakras, it felt as though I had hundreds of chakras throughout my body. Then I started wondering if there was going to be more to this trip. I thought it should be more aggressive. But as I started to think that way, it was as if the Salvia began to run away. As I meditated again, the feelings started to come back. It was like the Salvia was shy. From what I can understand, it seems like Salvia is a really intelligent plant. It comes at you like no other plant does. Its not like marijuana or opiates at all. Overall it was a great experience but I think Ill try to consume it some other way next time. Maybe Ill chew it. Smoking it just didnt feel right to me. I cant put my finger on it. I just should have gone with my gut and chewed it. Ill definitely do it again though.
- Paul (2011)

Right after smoking it, I felt really limited in my actions and speech. So much was going on that I couldnt communicate. I was seeing a path with woodland creatures all over the place. One stole someones shoes and it put them in front of me. I was trying to grab the shoes but couldnt. Then it looked like a drawing of a cat came out of my carpet but turned into a sculpture of a cat. It was mooning me, then I realized I was in the woods again with the woodland creatures. It was a completely different high than an acid high. Afterwards I felt a little woozy in the head. That lasted about an hour. But it was really fun, trippy and weird.
- Kat (2011)

Immediately after taking two large hits, I felt the experience coming on. I felt as though I was an inanimate object. There were thin rows of color surrounding me. I was being pulled downward in one of these rows. At first, I felt like I was suffocating or drowning, but after a while, I accepted the fact that I was this inanimate object moving downward through space for eternity. After what seemed to be a long time, the vision/hallucination started to fade away. I then became aware that I was a human being. It was incredible. Never before had I felt so energized and excited to know that I was a complex being. I have had many salvia trips over the years but this one was one of my favorites. Too bad salvia is becoming harder and harder to get. I wish my friends could buy salvia divinorum more easily.
- Tom (2014)

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