General Salvia Divinorum Care

The plants should be repotted every few months. As they grow, they'll need more room for their roots. Keep them in lightly shaded areas with no more than three to four hours of direct morning or afternoon sunlight. They will not grow well in highly sunlit areas or highly shaded areas.

If they will eventually be planted outside, set the pots outdoors for a couple hours each day. Let them get accustomed to a changing environment. Once they are ready to be placed outdoors permanently, choose a spot that has a lot of tree coverage and where the sun may only land for a few hours a day. Temperatures should remain between 60 - 80F. The ideal temperature is between 75-85 degrees with a humidity level of 50%. If temperatures drop too low, or the stems and leaves dry up, they will not survive.

Since the plants can grow over three meters high, you will need to add supports after the stems reach one meter. If the stems bend over and touch the soil without breaking, they can actually begin rooting and sprouting new stems. This is how Salvia spreads in nature and it's a good way for you to produce more plants.

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